[Atalkalypse] “I had to… “: Hope reveals things are not as they must be

(Photo credit: Gene Page/AMC)

Atalkolypse’s first set of episodes will be dealing with the themes and direction of Season 8 of The Walking Dead, the TV show. There are SPOILERS GALORE so please, do not listen till you’ve watched 😉 .  

Join us this week as we sit down and pull through the mire of hate and darkness that has encompassed our beloved Survivors, as they all proclaim that they “had to”. But, did they? And more importantly, do WE? And, we may leave the mire just enough to skirt the subject of hope.


DISCLAIMER: Our current podcast series is recorded to appeal to an audience familiar with the full TV series The Walking Dead.

Not a TWD fan?? Check back in May as we will begin watching, reviewing, and talking through some of YOUR and OUR favorite apocalyptic / post-apocalyptic films!

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